Real Western. Real Life. Real Time.

Real Western.
Real Life. Real Time.

Winston Churchill

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Something to live bye!

Gods Gift To Humanity

Posted by Dennis Bright on
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Culturally revered throughout the world, one of the greatest contributing resources in the development of civilizations, loved by the followers of the world’s great religions and honored in art, the horse continues to this day to help humans become their better selves. …

Dennis Bright
Professional Horseman

Real Western. Real Life. Real Time.

Horses engage us physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our success with horses is defined by our ability to think and communicate in the language of horse.

They challenge us to be our better self, manage our fears, control our tempers, break through our self imposed mental and physcal barriers. When we do fully commit ourselves, so does our horse! This is the ultimate reward, when horse and rider are of one mind, one body, united in purpose.

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