Real Western. Real Life. Real Time.

Real Western.
Real Life. Real Time.

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Why Close Encounters With Animals Soothe Us

Posted by The Bright Ranch Team on
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Chapter 3 of Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There” culminates with Alice’s coming to a wood “where things have no names.” Immediately upon entering, she is unable to identify anything around her, knows not what to call herself or the surrounding trees or the strangely fearless fawn that soon approaches. Mutually enchanted, the two commence walking along together in utter peace and calm, Alice’s arm cradling the fawn as they go. The assuaging grace of this trance is broken only upon coming to a clearing where name recognition returns and the startled fawn bounds away in fright, leaving Alice bereft and forlorn. …

Dennis Bright
Professional Horseman

Real Western. Real Life. Real Time.

Horses engage us physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our success with horses is defined by our ability to think and communicate in the language of horse.

They challenge us to be our better self, manage our fears, control our tempers, break through our self imposed mental and physcal barriers. When we do fully commit ourselves, so does our horse! This is the ultimate reward, when horse and rider are of one mind, one body, united in purpose.

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